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Blackjack Counting System Details

Blackjack counting systems present a mathematical system based on +/- operations to keep track of each card played. The aim is to understand what cards are still in the deck and vary the playing actions accordingly.
You may easily master the following blackjack counting systems and put them in practice. Let us see what of blackjack strategies exist:

Hi-Lo system - balanced beginner’s method to count cards. Stated to be a basic CCS used by amateurs;
KO system - elementary level card counting system. Unbalanced and slightly complex than the previous one;
Hi-Opt I technique presents a more complicated method of card tracking. It is usually used by pro players, skilled and experienced.
Hi-Opt II method is a high leveled system for blackjack gurus only. This balanced method is much more complicated (and thus effective) than the mentioned above.

Blackjack Counting Systems Knowing

It’s very important to understand how the blackjack counting systems actually work. The CCS basics are the following:

  • Each card value possesses its own count rate - positive or negative;
  • Small card (usually 2-6) involve positive count → +1/+2 as a rule;
  • Big cards (10-A often) involve negative count → -1/-2 as a rule;
  • Middle cards (7-9) do not influence a count process and possess 0 count;
  • The counting process starts with 0 point mostly;
  • A player must keep the traces of all cards enter a game via card count operations actually.

Any card counter is looking for a positive count and increased blackjack probability as a result. It means - more small cards are discarded and more big cards stay in the deck. Playing a deck formed with big cards mostly - a player has the following advantages:

  • A dealer has more chances to go bust;
  • A player has more chances to hit a blackjack combination;
  • Starting hands dealt for a player will be stronger, with higher cards.

When the count is positive it’s okay for a player to increase his/her bets and play more risky. And in contrast, if the count starts to drop - becomes neutral or negative - it’s a high time to bet smaller amounts as a house advantage is high.

Blackjack Counting Systems Try

“Is it possible to become a successful card counter?” - You may ask.

The answer is simple - impossible is nothing. Just follow the next recommendations and make better your:

lack of skill
rush for knowledge

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