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Online Blackjack Probabilities

Every experienced gambler shall not begin the game if he or she does not know the odds of the game. Blackjack game is not an exception. It is highly necessary to understand the sense of house edge and the things that can help modify the situation. The mentioned below information shall be good for players that arrived to the land casino hall or visit online casinos not only to amuse themselves, but in addition to have some profit.

Discovering Blackjack Odds

The game odds in most of the blackjack games is around 8% but due to the specific game play, the house edge can be made very low. It can be even said that using the correct strategy you can make the house edge the lowest in all casino games – 0%. Your chances to win the game will be increased, and that is, of course, the best part of blackjack odds.

Chance of Busting with a Hit

Most of the players prefer to Hit when they play blackjack. They think that it is not enough to have 18 or 19 points to win the game, as they should always have at least 20 , but 21 will be perfect. In reality, these intentions usually lead to loss. Let us see the chances of busting with different hand values.

Hand 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 or less
% 100 92 85 77 69 62 58 56 39 31 0

Value of the Initial Hand

As you know for the blackjack rules, each of the players gets two cards in the beginning. The value of card can be different, but each player wants to have a natural, combination that gives 21 point with 2 cards. Let’s see the chances of hitting such a hand.

2 card count 21 17-20 1-16 No Bust
% 4.8 30.0 38.7 26.5

Player’s Advantages vs. Croupier Facing Up Card

The chart of odds shown below demonstrates the croupier chances of busting depending on the facing up card. The dealer has the biggest exceeding 21 chance with 5 face up, and the player has the least probabilities if the dealer has a 10 card.

Dealer Up Card Dealer Bust % Advantage of the Player %
(with Basic Strategy)
2 35.30% 9.8%
3 37.56% 13.4%
4 40.28% 18.0%
5 42.89% 23.9%
6 42.08% 23.2%
7 25.99% 14.3%
8 23.86% 5.4%
9 23.34% -4.3%
10, J, Q, K 21.43% -16.9%
A 11.65% -16.0%

Chances of Each Game Card

While playing game of Blackjack, when some cards are removed from the deck of cards this changes the game greatly. Some of the cards (for example Aces) if removed, create the highest online casino odds, once the others when absent in the deck (like 5's) help gamblers. Comprehension of previous factors lets gamblers make the general knowledge of all the probabilities, and odds while playing Blackjack.

Card % Effect of Removal
2 0.40%
3 0.43%
4 0.52%
5 0.67%
6 0.45%
7 0.30%
8 0.01%
9 -0.15%
10, J, Q, K -0.51%
A -0.59%

This is all necessary information that you must know to play blackjack odds. Before you choose online casino and start gambling, get to know more about legal gambling and familiarize with the gambling bill that regulates gambling activities in the United States. Also study more about problem gambling which is the result of  gambling addiction.

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