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Gambling Problems

Compulsive gambling is one of the hottest problems of 21 century. Today, when gambling became available for everyone due to online casinos, it caused a lot of problems for players who cannot control their desires. More and more casino visitors become involved in addictive gambling. Though each casino website has information about problem gambling, most of players try to avoid it thinking that they have no problems with gambling, even if their close people start to notice that something goes wrong.


Each of players should be well-aware of the symptoms of problem gambling. In most cases, it is very easy to notice that person has some gambling problems, even if he/she denies it.

  1. Player always thinks about gambling
  2. The first thing that you may notice is that player starts to talk about gambling all the time. He reads gambling website, develops his strategies, tells you about his achievements in gambling, etc. All his hobbies, or just things that have been interesting for him have no matter now.

  3. Desire to play more
  4. Players with gambling addiction have the desire to bet more and more, even when they have been playing for several hours. In the worst cases, they play almost all day just having a few short-term naps.

  5. Effect of Withdraw
  6. It is like quitting to smoke – you try to smoke less, but you just can’t held it. You physically need to smoke (in our case, to bet), and it feels like you are dying without a couple of online slots rounds.

  7. Player tries to get back all his losses
  8. For gambling addicted players it is vitally important to get back all his losses. It is like revenge to casino.

  9. Lying and Denial
  10. All addicted players lie about their losses and deny the fact that they soon can go bankrupt.

  11. Chances in Behavior
  12. Addicted players become aggressive. They cannot keep their feelings under control and frequently start to act aggressively or even violently.

  13. Huge Money Losses
  14. When player loses all the money he has, he starts to borrow them. In the worst cases, he even tries to steal.

Of course, sometimes player can be addicted but the symptoms will be different, or he will be able to hide them. Anyway, you should always be attentive to yourself and your friends or relatives who play at casinos.

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