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Hi-Opt I - Card Counting Method

Hi-Opt I counting system (Hi-Opt 1 is also found) is considered to be an advanced level method of card counting. Skilled blackjack players are likely to use this technique as it requires more knowledge and practicing than amateurs usually possess.
Hi-Opt I method works similar to Hi-Lo system but covers few additional rules and some changes in card values groups. All these improvements make Hi-Opt I system more accurate but still complicated to perform.
In fact, Hi-Opt I technique is usually nicknamed Einstein Count. Guess why?
As it's more complex and mathematically correct system serious blackjack players use. Some advanced players may even call Hi-Opt I system as a superior one.

Hi-Opt I Matters

Now let's pass on to Hi-Opt I schedule directly:







+1 count








0 count







-1 count

Hi-Opt I systems require more focusing at the table and still it may not be so much complicated. This system is based on +/- 1 mechanics as well as the basic and more facile blackjack counting systems. On order to master this method you must learn by hard the count rates of each card value present in this scheme.
And be sure you've made it right to avoid confusing at the playing table actually.
So what directly we see in the scheme given above? Let's present the interpretation in the following way:

  • 1st row: small cards 3-6 inclusive which count +1 during a play;
  • 2nd row: middle cards 7-9 inclusive, adding 2's and Aces (and here lays the main difference) which count zero during a play;
  • 3rd row: big cards 10-K inclusive count -1 during a course of a game.

Thus we have 16 small cards, 12 middle cards which have no influence at count process and 16 big cards. Plus - 2's and Aces have a special status in this CCS and involve a zero count as well as middle cards.

Hi-Opt I Aces Count

In addition to count principles described above, you may still perform an additional Aces count. As Hi-Opt I system equates Aces with middle cards and endows with zero count, you may increase the system efficiency with additional tracking of Aces.
Thus you may use chips or fingers to memorize discarded Aces resigned a play.
Still don't forget to use CCS in tight connection with basic blackjack strategy as it a proven and key method to improve your winning chances and get advantage over fellow players.

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