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Hi-Opt II - Card Counting Strategy

The Hi-Opt II card counting method is stated to be the most advanced system among the high optimum CCS. This system is designed for advanced, professional players only. Hi-Opt II technique is more complicated variant of Hi-Opt I count and requires more player skills and zeal.
We advise you to master more simple blackjack counting systems first and only then pass on to Hi-Opt II technique. In fact, this method adds little advantage in comparison with less complex systems usage.
At all events, Hi-Opt II system calls for high level of focus at the playing table - great diligence and responsibility as well. It caused by +/-2 procedures which are added to regular +/-1 operations present in easier CCS.

Hi-Opt II Issues

Firstly let's have look at system count schedule:








+2 count








+1 count








0 count








-2 count

As a result we see the following:

  • All 2's, 3's and 6's, 7's involve a positive count of +1;
  • 4's and 5's, intervening the previous values, carry a value of +2 count;
  • 8's and 9's have no influence at count procedure with their zero count;
  • 10-K inclusive possess a negative count of -2;
  • Aces carry out 0 count (but still can be tracked separately).

The most complicated issue of Hi-Opt II system is that cards possess a larger range of count values and it makes player brains work hard. In fact, it's hell of a work - to keep an accurate count during a life game and still avoid confusing. And Hi-Opt II is a real challenge for any pro blackjack player who wants to increase his/her blackjack probability index.

Hi-Opt II Extras

Some more facts on Hi-Opt II card counting system:

  • The method under consideration is balanced. Thus if you managed to count a whole deck of cards correctly - you would end your count process with 0 actually. In other words - you have ended 52 cards tracking cycle successfully if you stopped at zero count. You may take it from the top again;
  • CCS usage + basic blackjack strategy introduction is the only way to make the complex mechanism work effectively;
  • It's highly recommended to perform an additional count of Aces. Just keep in memory all Aces entered a game and then discarded. Knowing correct number of Aces stay in the deck is a great aid for your regular count.

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