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Casino Promotions - Match, No Deposit and Other Bonuses

One of the integral parts of online gambling is casino bonuses. As a rule, they are offered to all players who are visitors of online casinos, but they are different for different categories of players. For example, bonuses that are paid for new comers cannot be compared to bonuses that are paid to VIP members of the casino. On order to get the best offers it is better to know information about casino bonuses offered.

Welcome and Sing In Bonuses

Welcome bonuses that are also known as sign up and new comer bonuses act as an encouragement for all new players. Bonuses of such type in most cases can be divided into two groups, no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. The first type is loved by players most of all, as the sum of this bonus does not depend on the money you’ve deposited. Deposit bonuses usually act in the following way – you deposit money into your account, and the casino offers you some percentage match of the deposited money. To understand how it works, let’s see at the following example. The casino states that every player gets 200% match to each deposit up to $5000. If your deposit is $100, you get additional $200 to your account. With $3000 deposit you get additional $5000, as the sum of bonus is quite limited.

Loyalty Club

Almost each of the casino has loyalty program offered to their members. As a rule, all players who are not new members are included into programs of such types and can receive bonuses that are offered. Frequently members of casino Loyalty Club can enjoy free spins, bonus game rounds, and in some cases, already known to you match bonuses. In any case, it is rather good decision to be one of those members, as you can get more perks and bonanzas.

VIP Bonuses

Probably, all casino gamblers dream to become members of VIP casino club. The matter is that bonuses that are paid to them are really fantastic. If members of Loyalty clubs enjoy them once in a while, VIP members get free spins all the time! Besides, the bonuses offered to VIP members are usually bigger.

Refer a Friend

This is a bonus that is available for everyone. All you need to do is to give a special code to any of your friends who is going to play at casino. He creates an account and enters this code in a special field. In this way everyone is satisfied – casino that gets a new client, you who get a bonus, and your friend who starts to play at the reliable gambling house.

Of course, in order to win game it is important to know its rules (like roulette rules, for example), but bonuses will be god to your total money account.

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