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Roulette Cheating Methods

Roulette casino game can be named as the most popular casino game among the gamblers. The popularity of this game of chance caused the creation of different roulette systems.

Groups of roulette systems

It is possible to single out two big groups of systems: classical roulette betting systems and cheating roulette systems. To the second group it is possibly to appropriate the roulette wheel bias system and roulette dealer clocking system. The roulette players can use the wheel bias mostly in land based casinos, but it is impossible in online casino. It is evident that it is hardly possible to notice a wheel bias or to clock the dealer in online roulette where the outcomes are based on RNG (random number generator). But the player can successfully use the dealer clocking system in online casino with live dealer roulette. In such casinos the players can place stakes after the release of the ball.

Types of cheating roulette systems

There is an opinion that cheating in roulette is the most interesting and easiest part of gambling. There are many type of roulette cheating methods. Here is the overview of the most popular of them.

Past posting

The method of past-posting is popular in roulette with one dealer. It consists in placing the bet on the winning number. When the dealer is looking what number is the winning one, it is the right time for a player to place his or her bet on that exact number. This method requires from the roulette gambler to be very quick and have good eyesight. The cheater can also replace the chip from the losing bet onto the winning. But the dealers are conscious of this method and keep watching.

Ball tripping

The method of ball tripping works the following way. The person drills a small hole in the upper track under the rim. Then it is necessary to place a small spring under the hole. The dealer operates a little lever that directs the pin against the disposed spring. In such way the dealer can stumble the ball from a particular outcome.

Wheel tampering

The method of wheel tampering can be used both by the casinos and by players. It consists in carrying out of secret actions against the roulette wheel. The players can utilize sticky substances that will cause the ball's landing on certain pockets. Or they can use special materials putting them under the pockets in order to affect the ball.


Some cheaters try to use the secret computers which examine the wheel's mechanical conditions. Special computer programs can predict the outcomes of the spin using the laws of physics. But the use of computers is illegal in casinos.

It is interesting to know!

The first form of roulette wheel was created by a French mathematician Blaise Pascal in 1655. Actually the name "roulette" has French roots and signifies "little wheel". In 1842 brothers Blanc built the first single zero roulette wheel. Nowadays roulette casino game is a world-wide popular game. It is interesting and exciting! You can also try to gamble. Good luck!


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