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Craps Betting Systems: Rules of Usage

There is a truth in saying that the easiest games usually have the most complicated system of payouts and betting. Craps, as well as roulette, belong to these games. Both of them are extremely easy to play, and the result of the game will depend on the bet you have placed.

Craps players know, that there are many possible bets to be placed at the table and it is always important to understand where it is better to put your chips to win. The system of bets is very developed, and you should know which of them to place in different situations.

Bet Types

  1. Line Bets
  2. Each player who acts as a shooter should fist decide whether he puts his bet on Pass line outcome or Don’t pass line outcome. Players can choose between Come and Don’t come bets.

  3. Single Rolls
  4. This type of craps bets is placed on the outcome of the single spin. There are following single roll bets: 2, 3, Yo, 12, Hi-Lo, Three-Way, C&E, Any 7, The Horn, Whirl, On the Top, Field.

  5. Multi Rolls
  6. There are only five of multi rolls that include Hard way, Easy way, Big 6/8, Place and Buy and Lay bet.

Odds and Chances

Of course, each of the bet placed has different odds of winning, according to which the payouts are made. Before you start to play craps it is always better to check the odds table to understand which of the bets will be the most appropriate for you.

According to the craps guides, the best bet you can choose is Six or Eight. The payouts of this bet are rather high, and casino odds are low, just 1.42%. It is also rather good decision to place 5/9 to lose, as well as lay against 4/10.

The great thing about craps bets is that you can actually place your bets wherever you want, and if you have some doubts, the dealer or one of other 4 casino representatives will help you with your decision. Moreover, you can always ask another player for a help. There is no competition in craps, that is why you will be able to get a reasonable advice.

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