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Roulette Payouts of Bets

Many players don't understand the roulette payouts fully and that is why they don't enjoy this game perfectly. It seems the structure is very complicated but it is not so hard to understand actually. There are many players including novices and intermediate who are confused about the structure of the roulette payouts. That's why we have strong will to give a brief info about this. We will show how it works. Play free Roulette77 game for great practice and deeper understanding of the game.

The value of roulette payout depends on the types of bet. There are different payout values for different types of bets. As roulette is an entertainment of probability there is no specific instruction when a specific number will come. That doesn't mean that the players have no possibility to increase the chances of winning. They can do that by following some roulette strategies and gaining knowledge about the roulette payouts.

Payouts of Straight Bet

Straight bet is the most general bet in a roulette table. Straight bet is such bet that is positioned on a single number, thirty six for example. This bet has 35 to 1 payout for most tables. The meaning of this is that if that player wins then he will get $35. So if he has placed a bet of $3, then he will get $105. No doubt this is a great payment but it is extremely difficult to get. The player has only one chance of winning after every 37 spins. You should also learn some roulette tips for more successful gaming.

Payouts of Split Bet

There is another bet which is placed on 2 numbers and this bet is called split bet. This is also a common bet. The players place their bets on the cross line of 2 numbers. This bet is better than straight bet but the payout rate is also lower. If any player place this kind of bets then will get payout of 7 to 1. That means if any player's bet in amount of $3 then after winning he will get $21.

Payouts of Trio Bet

When the bet is placed on 3 numbers then it is called trio bet. The payout if this bet is 11 to 1. There are also many types of bet some of them are- corner bet (8 to 1 payout), line bet (5 to 1 payout), the dozen bet (2 to 1 payout) and five bet (6 to 1 payout). These bets together called inside bets. On the other hand the external bets are quit different. In this bet the players place their bet on red or black, odd or even, and low or high. The payout of this bet is 1 to 1. Any time you bet you should know your odds.

As you can see, the information about roulette payouts is very easy to understand, and what is more important to implement during the game. So try to learn about payouts very carefully and then you will see how you can win easily!

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